So I want to be a Front End Web Developer….

It’s been a long time since I’ve owned a blog.  The last one was in the days of Xanga and posting about high school dramas.

However, I thought it’d be a good idea to start a blog to document my learnings, reflections and frustrations as I go through this career change to become a Front End Dev.

Today isn’t day one.  I’ve been dabbling lackadaisically on Codecademy for a while now, but decided to seriously get down and dirty about two months ago.  One of the biggest frustrations in starting this journey was deciding how to learn.  There are SO many tutorials and courses, both free and paid, online.  Talk about information overload.  I must have spent a week’s worth of time (168 hours+) just reading course descriptions, looking over people’s reviews and experiences, emailing, comparing, scouring forums… and I’m still not sure if I’ve got it right.

I’m one of those people who want to try out ALL the things, especially when there’s no one solid authority, as is the case for programming education.  Call me crazy, but I’m ready to be a sponge and take in as much as possible from as many (good) sources as possible.  So here are a list of programs I have tried/been going through since August:  (The ones in light gray are things I’ve completed)

  • Codecademy
    • Fully completed the HTML/CSS, Javascript, JQuery tracks as well as the Web Developer Skills section (build a website, build an interactive website), and the mini projects on the page.  Done with Codecademy for now.
  • How to Learn Javascript Properly
    • Started this in early September and am now on Weeks 5/6.  Going pretty well.  The reading material is getting more and more technical.
  • Community College
    • Signed up for some courses to try to get an Associate’s degree in Web Development.  But when the instructor mentioned that we’ll be learning Dreamweaver in a couple of weeks…. well…. what?  Am I preparing to find a job in 2006?  Dropped out of classes.
  • Coursera CS101
    • This was quick and easy – I guess I already learned most of this stuff when I took ICS100 in college.  Good refresher though, and ties all the coding I’m learning into perspective with the rest of the internet and real world.
  • General Assembly’s Front End Web Development Course
    • Started in late September.  Ahhh.. this is much better.  A bit pricey but I’m actually learning the best practices for web dev today.  The pace is much faster than CC, which I like, as I’m studying a lot on my own already.  I wish they had a full time course offering for this.  Slated to end in the beginning of December.
  • The Odin Project
    • A free resource to become a full-stack developer.  I’m hitting this up occasionally between my paid classes to advance my learning.
  • Udacity’s Front End Developer Nanodegree
    • I just got accepted to this a couple of weeks ago.  You pay monthly and work at your own pace through seven projects designed to give you a great portfolio and awesome skillzz at the end of it all.  I’m excited about this and working through it concurrently with GA.

Ok well that was a doozy of a list.  I meant for this post to be short but I guess all first posts are longer to catch up.  I just wanted to write down everything I’m working on so far and in the next post, I’ll start talking about some of the things I’ve learned, my reflections, questions, etc.



2 thoughts on “So I want to be a Front End Web Developer….

  1. Working on project 3 for udacity.. trying to get my trigger clone to work properly, but I can not get player or bug *enemies to appear on my page anymore.. do you have any advice or tips on getting this project up and running, since you seem to have caught on pretty quickly with this course. Any help is greatly appreciated. I started this course in December, but have a full time job 70+ hoursa week and have a newborn (born Dec 20) and a 2.5 yr old running around the house. So I can’t give this my full attention, but projects 3 and 4 deadline is fast approaching and I can not figure out project 3 to save my life.


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